What we do

Sharing the love of Art

The purpose of Arts Council is to encourage communication and cooperation between arts groups, to promote fund-raising efforts, to raise visibility of all arts groups, and to promote the arts as a community asset. We set out to accomplish these goals through

>   Fundraisers such as the UAFD

​>   Social Media Exposure

​>   General advertising ​

​>   General publicity

​>   Viral and email marketing

​>   Collaborative event planning

Who we are

Dedicated Art Lovers United

Since 1956, the Arts Council of Oak Ridge has worked to raise the visibility of all arts groups, promote the arts as a community asset, and assist its member organization in fund raising efforts.The Arts Council of Oak Ridge consists of a board of community volunteers, representing the arts and the corporate business community, and an Executive Director.

Why So Secret

What's with the name?

The city of Oak Ridge was established by the US government in 1942 to serve as a home base to the Manhattan Project. Chosen for its remote locale, the entire city had to be built almost from scratch to handle the influx of employee/residents, which ballooned from 3,000 to 75,000 within 3 years. Very few of the employees, most of whom were women, knew what was being built at the time, or exactly what they were getting into.

Visual Arts & Museums

Musical Arts

Performing Arts & Literature

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